Applogic Consulting offers end-to-end, reliable and affordable IT consulting, IT Recruiting and Training services. Since the beginning, our approach has been to evolve custom consulting services as per each business' understanding, objectives and combined aspirations customers and employees. Our consulting and recruitment services are built on trust and value.
Our consulting practice is driven by complete insight of client's people and technology requirements. We base our IT and non-IT services on real, direct, live research of our clients and target audiences. We value high each customer experience. Definitely, our focus is on enhancing the employee experience. For this, we collaborate with our clients to gain an understanding of building the right teams, promoting the right skill sets and making the necessary organizational adjustments.
Our basic objective is to help our clients to achieve growth and innovation through digital transformation. We strategize each client's digital IT roadmap and simplify their IT operating models. Our end-to-end consulting support for businesses in Salesforce CRM, Data Science, ServiceNow, IT GRC, NetApp, and Cyber Securities need to be understood from the perspective of our core objectives. Significantly, we understand that the human factor and the human ability ensure the fair success of any IT consulting, recruitment and training.

IT Staffing has never been easy. With the fast emergence of innovative technologies and rising demands of clients for new functionalities, the staffing agencies face many challenges. It is now more difficult for staffing agencies to source the right set of people from an already shrinking pool of available talent. Definitely, sourcing people with the right expertise is turning to be more difficult and greatly expensive.
Applogic Consulting rises to the challenges of IT staffing. Our approach to IT staffing is reliable, competitive and affordable. As your reliable staffing partner, we help you to find the best talent available. Given the broad-spectrum of our staffing services, it means to spend a fraction of the cost. Out staffing support includes value-driven recruiting, advertising, paperwork, interviews and salary negotiation.
Applogic Consulting IT Staffing services feature,

  • * Finding the right candidates in time
  • * Performing background checks and interviewing candidates
  • * Short-listing and sharing the list of selected candidates with the client’s human resources / project teams
  • * Keeping ourselves up-to-date with the new trends and changes that occur in IT industry
  • * Providing a bigger pool of candidates to the clients
  • * Offering flexible staffing solutions, which includes sourcing candidates for temporary and full-time positions
  • * Creating a holistic difference with an offer of full-fledged HR support, reducing overtime, improving training efficiency, and allowing for flexible staffing
Globally, businesses thrive on people's talents, skills and competencies. This scenario initiates a struggle to find and retain the best and skilled personnel. Also, this means to impart a specialization to the recruitment process, which isn't the core process of a business organization. An experienced and quality driven recruitment process outsourcing provider makes the needful difference with an offer of reliable, value-driven and competitive services.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) helps businesses to augment existing resources. Applogic Consulting offers focused sourcing and recruiting in multiple specialties and sectors. We collaborate with the client's project teams to understand their present and future personnel needs, and accordingly tailor our recruitment strategies.

Why choose Applogic Consulting as your RPO partner?
Applogic Consulting works with the client's organization at micro and macro levels of recruitment outsourcing. We bring proven capabilities to recruit people on an enterprise-wide scale, as well as capably partake in project based recruitment engagements.

Accountability – Our recruitment support services are guided by the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) or metrics that we bring to each client engagement. This makes our recruiting services not only effective but also greatly accountable.

Focus – Recruiting the right set of people demands expertise and focus. Surely, it is quite challenging to recruit people with experience in highly-skilled areas or high-volume areas.

Expertise – Applogic Consulting brings the combined expertise of domain specialists to achieve consistent and quality recruitment process. We have dedicated recruiters who specialize in industry-specific personnel requirements. The inordinate benefit for the client is evident as an opportunity to leverage on recruiter' domain knowledge and increase your reach into specific talent resources.

End-to-end RPO process – Applogic Consulting offers end-to-end recruitment process outsourcing services. This includes focused search from online and offline databases, addressing skills and competencies, and filling in the domain specific skills with customized and high individualized IT and non-IT training programs.

This holistic approach to recruitment process helps clients to have quality and trained resources, ready to be deployed on different project engagements. So, by partnering with Applogic Consulting you are assured of complete value for money, in far lesser turn-around time.
Corporate Training
As understood, corporate training helps to enhance the quality of personnel, promotes and develops competencies, and ensures higher employer productivity. Applogic Consulting specializes in reliable, value-driven, competitive and innovative corporate training. We collaborate with the client’s in-house project teams to understand their training needs, and offer the needful training inputs.

Our corporate training focuses on training new talent and prepares them for the challenges of workplace in general and of project management in particular. For sure, the technical skills are required for good job performance, however your creativity and interpersonal skills helps to create better relationships and great working environment. So the focus of our corporate training is focused on personality development and technical competencies.Our corporate trainings feature,

  • * Interactive and dynamic programs
  • * Extensive coverage to meet the training needs of all kinds of companies
  • * Tailor-made training programs to suit the employees in the best possible manner
  • * Focus on leadership, efficiency, integrity and ethics
  • * Creating a positive attitude while working in diverse corporate cultures
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