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  • What is the primary objective of Applogic Consulting?
    Applogic Consulting is a global provider of innovative, integrated, affordable and reliable IT consulting and recruitment services. Our business organization and purpose are very well-defined. In the last two decades, we have earned the rare distinction as the most trusted advisors and consultants. With qualified and competent people at the heart of our operations, we strive to deliver high quality to each client engagement. For our clients this means to enhance practice management efficiency and profitability.
  • Why should a business partner with Applogic Consulting?
    We pioneer the pristine IT and non-IT consulting and people management practices. This means to put the trained and experienced people in the right roles to achieve competitive distinctiveness. Understandably, we are here to achieve the higher objective that goes beyond IT consulting and recruiting services. We attract and retain individuals whose skills totally align with your organization purpose and project’s expectations.
  • What is it so special about your global delivery practice?
    We work globally as an extension to the client’s IT organization and contribute effectively by leveraging on people’s diverse functional skills. Our cross-functional approach means to further innovation at every level of the organization through the combined efforts of our experts in IT and non-IT services. Our focus and contribution are based on an understanding of who your customers are and how you provide unique value to them. Significantly, the team of IT experts and business leaders define, communicate and fulfill the unique purpose of your organization. By aligning the right talent, operating models, and consulting expertise we make sincere efforts to keep your project teams greatly motivated and focused.
    • Reliable, affordable, scalable and value-driven IT and Non-IT services • Distinction as the most trusted and reliable IT consultants and recruitment advisors • Align your organization's purpose, motivated teams and project’s expectations • Leverage on advanced business specific and customer centric technologies • Establish interconnectedness and collaborate work environment across the IT organization • Provide the right people to achieve competitive distinctiveness • Help to make an explicit choice to impart your organization the niche, valuable and unique position • Provide robust and time-bound training interventions for skills upgrade • Meet totally the unique challenges associated with IT and Non-IT projects
  • What is the significance of your training interventions?
    To keep pace with the fast developments in business processes, people in IT and non-IT need to upgrade their skills. Herein comes the importance of quality trainings. Applogic Consulting offer custom, reliable and value-driven IT and non-IT trainings for all people in general, and employees in particular. We offer training at the right time in the most appropriate manner.
  • What are the four values of Applogic Consulting?
    Applogic Consulting is built on the strong foundations of values viz. integrity, accountability, diligence, perseverance and discipline.
  • How is your consulting practice different to others?
    Our consulting practice is driven by complete insight of client's people and technology requirements. We base our IT and non-IT services on real, direct, live research of our clients and target audiences. We value high each customer experience. Definitely, our focus is on enhancing the employee experience. For this, we collaborate with our clients to gain an understanding of building the right teams, promoting the right skill sets and making the necessary organizational adjustments.
  • What is the chief differentiator of your staffing services?
    Given the broad-spectrum of our staffing services, it means to spend a fraction of the cost. Out staffing support includes value-driven recruiting, advertising, paperwork, interviews and salary negotiation. Applogic Consulting IT Staffing services feature, • Finding the right candidates in time • Performing background checks and interviewing candidates • Short-listing and sharing the list of selected candidates with the client’s human resources / project teams • Keeping ourselves up-to-date with the new trends and changes that occur in IT industry • Providing a bigger pool of candidates to the clients • Offering flexible staffing solutions, which includes sourcing candidates for temporary and full-time positions • Creating a holistic difference with an offer of full-fledged HR support, reducing overtime, improving training efficiency, and allowing for flexible staffing
  • Why choose Applogic Consulting as your RPO partner?
    Applogic works with the client's organization at micro and macro levels of recruitment outsourcing. We bring proven capabilities to recruit people on an enterprise-wide scale, as well as capably partake in project based recruitment engagements. Our RPO services are built on the four principles of accountability, focus, expertise and end-to-end RPO services.
  • What is it so special about your corporate trainings?
    Our corporate training focuses on training new talent and prepares them for the challenges of workplace in general and of project management in particular. Our corporate trainings feature, • Interactive and dynamic programs • Extensive coverage to meet the training needs of all kinds of companies • Tailor-made training programs to suit the employees in the best possible manner • Focus on leadership, efficiency, integrity and ethics • Creating a positive attitude while working in diverse corporate cultures
  • What are the different IT services offered by Applogic Consulting?
    Applogic Consulting, with an offer of reliable, innovative and value-driven IT services ensures business efficiency and quality output. Our IT consulting services offer a comprehensive coverage of Saleforce CRM, Data Science, ServiceNow, IT GRC, NETAPP and Cyber Security
  • Can you give a brief of your non-IT services?
    The successful working of non-IT functions can be assured only by defined objectives, job roles, skills set, competencies, training and development at all levels of the organization. Applogic Consulting offers robust, reliable, competitive and matured non-IT services. Our sincere efforts are focused on offering the client end-to-end consulting, recruitment and training facilities relating to all non-IT services. Our non-IT services meets the needs of diverse sectors/industries viz management, administration, financial services, insurance, hospitality, medtech, realestate and infrastructure, engineering and digital marketing.
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