As understood, IT Governance helps the organization to create the Value Creation to the business, while IT Risk helps organization balance the operational and economic costs of protective measures and achieve gains in mission capability by protecting the IT systems. IT Compliance ensures controls applied to applications, operating systems, databases, and supporting IT infrastructure that are Effective &Efficiency as per laws,  regulations& Industry Standard. Applogic Consulting offers a full-scale and reliable support consulting on most common IT GRCs viz.

  • Enabling Risk averse IT to meet their business goals.
  • Risk Management Best Practices (Defines policies, standards and processes based on industry best practices)
  • Compliance with regulation and Law
  • Effective resource allocation and appropriate skill set alignment to GRC needs.
  • Evaluating, Defining & monitoring controls across IT/IS.

IT GRC experts at Applogic Consulting bring proven experience in working at a wide variety of industries. We assist organizations in designing frameworks and providing operating effectiveness. Importantly, we will offer custom IT GRC services as per each business’ risk appetite and compliance requirements.

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