FMCG & Hospitality

FMCG & Hospitality

The fast moving consumer products (FMCG) is a term applied to goods that are used by consumers as part of their day to day life. Some of the products are perishable while some others are durable. Vegetables and milk are perishables, and washing machines are durables. Quality and brand value are very important in each product’s choice by the consumer. Consumer goods have an immediate market offline and online, with higher the price tag, the greater will be variety of payment options.Applogic Consulting offers IT and non-IT services to the FMCG sector. By leveraging on our innovative technologies, FMCG companies can streamline their supply chain, better manage their human resources, and monitor customer relations. As we bring more than two decades of consulting practice, we help FMCG businesses to hire and train personnel for greater operational efficiency and higher profitability.

The hotel and hospitality industry prospers only when there is a stable social, political and economic environment in the country. This infrastructure driven industry generates jobs in the formal as well as the unorganized tour and travel industry. Investment in the hotel and hospitality industry means earning of foreign exchange, cultural exchange and international relations. The hospitality and hotel industry utilizes innovative technologies to achieve greater operational efficiency and better quality of service.

Applogic Consulting’ IT and non-IT services for the hospitality industry aim at bringing about efficiency in all the departments. While many business niches are composed of only a handful of different businesses, the hospitality industry applies to nearly any company that deals with customer satisfaction and is focused on meeting leisurely needs rather than basic ones. Our IT and non-IT services support covers all the departments viz food and beverages, travel and tourism, lodging, recreation, reservations and bookings etc

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