Globally, businesses require customized enterprise software. SAP allows for high level of customization and meets the immediate and future operational and departmental needs of global businesses. SAP ERP systems offer the much needed flexibility, with means wide coverage of different system modules like sales and distribution, product management, finance, and personnel management modules.

Applogic Consulting offers end-to-end and affordable SAP services. With strong customization as the basic strength, we bring the following benefits to each client engagement.

  • Real-time information means the capability to work more and faster, than usual. Departments can communicate effectively as they are up-to-date on all the information. For the customer this means prompt tracking of orders and delivery. For businesses it means an efficient supply chain management system to monitor the inventory. There is no scope for data duplication. The risk analysis and performance reports allow for continuous updates on transactions and inventory changes.
  • SAP ERP system allows for consistent operations, speeds up the decision-making process, and allows updates to be done centrally that applies equally across all departments. When you are managing a business spread across geographies, locally and globally SAP ERP helps in rapid communication, and early finding of operational risks.
  • By leveraging on our SAP ERP services you can manage a group of companies using a single system. By integration of production activities you gain by reducing the costs of producing goods.We bring about the needful adaptations and adjustments as per the changes in the economic environment and tax regulations.

Our SAP specialists work towards realizing seamless integration with existing systems and thereby achieve truly cost effective solutions.It may be your first SAP implementation or upgrade of an existing application, our experienced SAP consultants can offer you the right solution. We offer end-to-end SAP that includes, implementation of ERP suite, upgrades support, conversion support, custom development, staff augmentation, and Oracle 11i upgrades.

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