Web Application

Web Application

Web applications are now the in-thing that drives business efficiency, and sustain customer confidence in the business. Applogic Consulting offers end-to-end support on the design and development of web applications. Our web application developers ensure that you gain reduced business costs, eliminate printed materials; and allow users to update the features and functionalities of web apps on their own. Understandably, our web apps help to secure and manage your business data, with a reliable and robust back-up.

We serve diverse businesses across different geographies. Where ever you may be located, and who ever may be your target customers, our web apps ensure that your basic business objectives are met, totally. Each web application developed may serve a different purpose. As all our web applications run through web browsers, and not on local web servers, they offer high level of reliability and functionality.

Applogic Consulting’s web application developers offer reliable and end-to-end services.  The web applications developed cater to different business process requirements viz Analyse data collected from different locations; Enable Graphical displays; Maintain Online Catalogue; Track of orders and budgets; Present an availability 24 x 7; and Ensure communication between remote locations and achieve greater collaboration between central point and field agencies.

Each web application development is empowered by highest level of competency in backend technologies like LAMP (Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP Technologies; Microsoft .NET Technologies; Embedded Technologies & System Programming, Rich Internet Applications, JAVA Technologies, AJAX with Ruby on Rails, ASP .net, WPF, C#, Silverlight, PHP, JSP, J2EE (Struts, JSP, Servlet, EJB) ROR and Databases.

We have a dedicated team of web application developers with specialization in MSSQL Server, MYSQL, Oracle, and DB2. All this makes Applogic Consulting establish its precedence in PHP Development, ASP Development, CFM Development, .Net Development, .B2B Portal Development, and B2C Portal Development.

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