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Corporate Training And Placement

Applogic offers end-to-end consulting, recruitment and training support to IT and non-IT sectors. Our IT consulting practice extends our reliable and proven expertise to small and medium enterprises. This includes full-scale and value-driven collaboration on IT projects relating to Salesforce CRM, Data Science, ServiceNow, IT GRC, NetApp, and Cyber Securities.

Our high quality, responsive and affordable IT recruitment services focus on filling up information technology(IT) positions in software companies. Applogic Consulting' IT Recruiters deals with different types of IT requirements. Our IT recruitment support definitely offers continuity to our consulting practice. We understand that an IT project's success is assured only by capable and competent people.

Our association with businesses on Non-IT services aims to create the right environment and support the IT to develop and progress. Even though the Non-IT comes under non-core operations of an organization, its stability and focus are crucial for business success. For the non-IT sector, our consulting support is evident as streaming the process, adopting innovation to reduce costs and enhance business' effectiveness.

Our recruitment and training services for the non-IT sectors bringsqualified and experienced people to each client’s requirement. Our focus is definitely enhances individual capabilities and translate norms into actions. Our holistic approach to IT and non-IT services is built on the objective to realize a competitive, synergetic, collaborative and responsive organization.

IT Services

Irrespective of the size of your business, an effective and a reliable IT department is necessary. A robust and reliable IT enables organizations and business to stay competitive and contributes to efficient operations.

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Non IT Services

The non-IT services constitute the non-core activities of a business organization. These services may not be as significant as IT services, but their role in facilitating the smooth functioning of all business processes is unparalleled.

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